Specialist in the artwork of Rockwell Kent (1882-1971)
Missing Works by Rockwell Kent
For the catalogue raisonné of paintings by Rockwell Kent (1882-1971) I am in search of the following paintings (illustrated below). Actual titles are labeled in italics, descriptive titles in quotation marks.

Long Island (title unknown)
"Long Island," oil on canvas, 24"x16", ca. 1902.
"Alaskan Cabin with Father and Son," oil on canvas, 28"x34"
Corn, oil on canvas, signed l.r. and dated
Greenland (Fishermen)
"Greenland" (Fisherman), oil on canvas, signed l.l., 24"x44", and dated 1935-7
Glen Lough
Glen Lough, oil on canvas, signed l.l., 28"x34", 1926
New England
New England
Dory, oil, 1919.
Superman, oil, ca. 1918.
The Voyageur Beyond Life
The Voyageur Beyond Life, oil, ca. 1914.
Windy Day
Windy Day, oil, ca. 1903.
Winter-Summer, oil on canvas, 1932.
Newfoundland Landscape
"Newfoundland Landscape," oil on board, 12"x16"

Should you have any knowledge of the whereabouts of any of these works, please Register Here.

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